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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday - 2012 Bites Style

It was either blog my frustrations or order chinese food and eat them! goes...

1. I'm on my period.

2. Check engine light came on yesterday, brought to dealership to get diagnosed right after work. Took 2 hrs to look at it. $1600 repair that THANKFULLY is covered by an extended warranty I bought. You could bet I would be eating Chinese if it wasn't!

3. We switched over to Jake's insurance from his new job at the NY. It sucks compared to my teacher insurance, and now Zoey has a dislocated shoulder and he has to take her to urgent care and will have to pay 100%! SCARY!

4. Had a root canal last week and found out bascially all my teeth are crap and all together prob need $10,000 in work done. ha! Anyone know why my teeth are rapidly decaying after having great teeth as a kid?  I know I have dry mouth and sleep with my mouth open....but seriously.

5. Found out we have a broken water main leading up to our house. So..... yay! for another $3500 out of my pocket!

6. I have a headache.

7.  No luck on selling or renting house yet. Trying not to go into panic mode yet.

8. I hate my effin key to my house. I have to sit and jiggle it for what seems like 10 hours, and when I have an armful of groceries I want to explode!!

9. My dog has what me and Jake call "poop butt". He is a maltese and his hair is getting long which means when it gets too long his poop gets stuck in his hair (yes... it's hair and not fur...and's soo gross!). So.... I have to literally take pieces of poop off his butt.

10. I have eaten mostly carbs all day. A pancake for breakfast, an english muffin for lunch, rice krispies and bananas just now.

The last week has just been so stressful with all these random things going wrong. It takes so much out of me. "When it rains, it pours" - That's for sure!

I do know that I really really am a lucky and fortunate girl and have so many wonderful things! Please know I know that while this last week has taken a toll on me... I know my life is not even close to crappy!!


  1. Sorry you are having a bad week... HOpe it gets better!

  2. It all seems to be coming down at the same time. Sorry for all the financial stress....I feel for you. Take out your frustrations with a good workout or two.....don't give in to the Chinese food! (ice cream is my stress food of choice!)

  3. I feel your pain on the dental work. I have broken 3 Crowns off in the past 6 dentist asked me if I am chewing on gravel. Sorry you have had such a craptastic week :(

  4. the peaks and valleys of life. so much more time is spent in between those peaks and valleys than in or on them. just remember that! :)

  5. when it rains it pours... this too shall pass. Just think, you are getting all of your crap for 2012 out of the way all at once... then you can enjoy the rest of the year! also, having your period makes everything worse in general. good for you resisting the Chinese!! just remember how fabulous you are!!! xxx

  6. I'll be praying things STOP coming your way this week, unless it's positive (like winning the lottery). :(