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Sunday, January 22, 2012

At Roy's With My BOOBS

ok... anyone not with the lingo would be very confused by this title, especially since my husband's name is Jake!
Thanks for letting me steal this pic Robyn!!

But.... Saturday I met up with Robyn Megan and Cat at Roy's in Baltimore and had a great time!! These ladies are one of a kind.

It was my first time talking with Megan since for some reason her blog posts never show up on my feed. She is newly banded and doing an awesome job. I loved chatting weddings with her and am so excited to see pics of her wedding next fall. She is going to look amazing!

Robyn was so spunky! lol. She had some great stories between her and Cat and I loved her energy and excitement! Man. She is gonna be one fun roomie if I can make it to BOOBS this year! And Robyn, we need to go shopping and get you some sexy pants to show off those sexy legs!!!

Cat was darling and sassy herself! Her and Robyn are totally best friends. She looks amazing after losing almost 90 lbs! You should have seen her in her cute fitted jeans!

I of course had no voice at all. Lost it two days ago and it shows no sign of coming back. Robyn had to translate everything for me. Megan and Cat just stared at me blankly when I tried to speak! I also managed to spill a glass of water down my dress. Really good first impressions I know! lol.

Thank you so much ladies for coming down! It really was so special!!


  1. lovely ladies!!! It is so nice to see the friendships that develop in these blogs.

  2. Beautiful ladies! Wish I could have joined you, sounds like a fun evening

  3. I can tell from all your posts you four had a great time. And I hope your voice comes back soon!!

  4. Aww, y'all are so adorable! Glad you had such a good time. :)

  5. You all look amazing! Glad you got to meet up!