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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tagged.....not it!

I struggle to keep up with the question games! All the rules overwhelm me! But, I did get tagged by hot mama Robyn and Cutie Pie Laura, so I thought I could at least answer their questions that they took time to write! Other than that, I am breaking all the rules and no tagging anyone, cause I bet we have all been tagged at this point right? And it would require me to think, and it's 8am and it's VERY difficult when I was up late "sexy skyping" (TMI?) with my hubby and now I am SLEEPY!

Random Facts About Me:
1. I have 603 unopened emails in my inbox from the past 7 years. Keep in mind....those are just the unopened ones! lol. Don't worry....they are all crap emails
2. I have never had brain freeze. Weird right?
3. I have a lot of freckles on my face that really come out in the summer.
4. I'm a lefty
5. I want to dance in or choreograph a hip hop music video.
6. I am wearing size 9 jeggings right now. They are really tight though and I'm still closer to a 12.
7. I hate the feeling of paper. I HAVE to put lotion on my hands all the time before I handle paper. Cardboard too.
8. I weigh myself at least 6 times a day. Now I have 2 scales and will just go back and forth like 4 times to see what they say. It really keeps me in check!
9. I hate spicy food!
10. I can still do splits. I have always been really flexible
11. I talk to my mom 2-3 times a day (through email, text or phone calls) It is going to be really hard being even farther away from her!!
12.  I am a super aggressive driver! Everyone around me sucks at driving! lol.

Robyn's Questions
My Questions:
1.       Favorite hockey team?  uhhhh.....what's hockey??
2.      House/townhouse/apartment/condo/ other-Where do you live? In a house but soon to be my in-laws if we can't sell it or rent it in the next few weeks!!
3.      Do you live in the Country or the City?  I live outside of Baltimore in the suberbs.
4.      What was your best Christmas gift ever?  Prob my little man logan, who was born a few weeks before Christmas in 2010!
5.      What is your favorite Beach to visit? Rhode Island has some really nice beaches! When I lived in NY we would go for day trips.
6.      Would you want to know when and how you will die if you could not change it or would you prefer to not know?  I don't wanna know.
7.      Do you believe it love at first sight?   No.
8.      Do you still talk to your first best friend?   Of course! Cause she rocks and we have been friends since 2nd grade!
9.      Do you like dogs or cats better?  Do you have any of either?  I like em both, but would never own a cat again cause I can't handle the litter box situation and I'm allergic.
10.   What is your profession?  Do you enjoy it?  I am a high school food and nutrition teacher for 3 more weeks and then I will be a stay at home mom for a bit. Wow. It's gonna be quit the change!!
11.    What is your favorite book and/or author?  I love Sophie Kinsella! And Nicholas Sparks always tugs at my heart strings!

Laura Belle's Questions
My questions:
1. Did you have a pet when you were a kid?  A cat that was ALWAYS by my side!!

2.  Favorite sports team? Raven's I guess. I live in Baltimore, so I gotta represent!!

3.  If you had all the money in the world and could only by either shoes or purses, which would you pick?
Definitely SHOES!

4.  Do you wear more brown or black clothing?  SO MUCH BLACK!

5.  Have you lived in the same area all or life? Nope....grew up in NY, went to college in Utah, currently living in Baltimore MD and on my way back to UT! Hopefully will end up in CT one day!

6.  What was the last movie you saw? In theatres.... WAR HORSE. It was really good!

7.  What was the last book you read? Nicholas Sparks, "The Rescue". SOO GOOD.

8.  What's your perfect idea of a 'free Saturday' (nothing to do)? Doing nothing. Sleeping in, shopping with Jake and the kids, eating out and watching a movie at home! PERFECT!

9.  What do you wear most: Heels or Flats? A good mix of both. Mostly flat boots right now. Love my boots!!

10. Have you ever shot a gun?  Yep. My good ol college boyfriend was a total hick and loved "huntin" and four wheelers. He lived in the smallest town in the middle of no where in Utah. It was a really fun time in my life, and such a different world than NY! He taught me to shoot a gun. It was fun!

11. Favorite food?  It would be easier if you asked me if there were foods I don't like. lol. I'm a big cheeseburger girl!

Yay! For questions! I have enjoyed reading everyone's and getting to know you all better!


  1. Mmm, cheeseburgers!

    I'm a lefty, too! We rock.

  2. Ronnie took the words out of my mouth on the cheeseburger :o)

    And how have you avoided brain freeze?

  3. Ohhhh Nick i love you and nearly drop dead on the grocery store floor when I see your new novels out. Then do nothing but read said new novel for the next 24 hours.