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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can't Be Cool Even If I Tried

Oh man. Went to McSteamy cycling class last night.

Put my stuff down. Went to get a bike from the corner to pull onto the exercise floor. Tilted it on it's wheels. Dragged it across the floor. No problem.

"Fake" adjust some of the parts, like the handle bars and seat, just to keep busy and to look really pro.
McSteamy walks over. Thought he was going to say "I have been wondering where you have been".  lol. or to sign me in.

Nope. He was like "Next time you drag the bike across the floor make sure its all the way up on it's wheels" and points to the floor. And there is a trail of black-who-knows-what  that came off the bike as I dragged it across the floor.


But he did smile and say "It's nice to see you again". ok. So maybe he doesn't hate me.

So the class is great. I'm like REALLY sweating which makes me feel awesome!

Class ends. People start putting the bikes away and they see my awesome black trail. Everyone gets down on the floor and is scrubbing at it to get it up. Like, 75% of the class..... on the floor...... cleaning. I didn't know if it was really nice, or I should just be really embarrassed? Everyone was there for a good 10 min, cause of course the crap wouldn't come up. Apparently the flooring is brand new and apparently it is the gym's prized possession. Sad ghetto little gym.

I couldn't even look McSteamy in the eye after class. After the cleaning I slipped out quietly.
Will I go back. Prob. Because I pre-paid for 10 classes and have only used 4, and because it is a freakin good workout, and because well let's be honest, there's a nice view.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Stace! I hear ya about everyone commenting on eating such low carbs, that is straight up impossible for me. I think I'll just cut back on all the rice and pasta I eat, see what happens.

    This was such a funny post.....about McSteamy and you dragging your bike across the "prized" flooring! hahahahaha!!! It's all worth "the view", I know. LOL


  2. Those "spin people" are kind of intimidating ..... I am surprised that you didn't get attacked by the mob. Oh yeah, I'm sure everyone was too spent to summon up the energy to be mad at u. Ha ha ha ha

  3. Oh my. I think I would have LAUGHED at all of them. Isn't that what maintenance staff are for? (God, I am such a snooty bitch.)

  4. HAHAHA - and I agree with Ronnie :)

  5. Thanks for the laugh. That should be in a sit-com.

  6. what weirdos?! i'm so perplexed at this?! lol