My Journey

Thursday, July 21, 2011

18, 198.8, 8/1

The scale said 198.8 new lowest. It might not stick around, but I witnessed it, twice. I had to step on the scale 30 min later to challenge it to show me the number again. It did....good scale! I think my day of not caring paid off, and today I did more of the same, only counting protein. It was nice to get on the scale and be surprised instead of expecting it to show me a certain number!

I went to the gym today. Did I need to? Prob not. I ran after Zoey for a good 2 hrs this morning while holding Logan the whole time at this toddler play land (inside of course!) I was sweating. I went and did the elliptical anyway. I actually tried running at my old pace that I did in college. Hahaha. I accomplished 1 min.I hate feeling my belly plopping around and let's be honest, I was already winded. Maybe next month I will try the running again.

As I was leaving the gym the worker was like "See you August 1st" . I had to stop and think what day it was. Was tomorrow Aug 1st? No. Weird. "Uh, ok, probably". Then he was like "Just remember the date". Um.....creepy. Are you planning on gunning down the place? (I do live in Baltimore after all) Are you planning on overcharging me that day so I have to come in in furry? It was bizarre and I WON'T be going in Aug 1st just in case he IS some wack-o! 

I headed over to Target cause I really wanted to see if I had gone down a size since surgery. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but my clothes are looser and wanted to see. Yup.....smaller size I am. I fit really comfortably into size 18 jeans! I didn't buy them, but I am getting closer to loosing my maternity pants! lol. 

Tomorrow I have my 1st appt. Glad it is in the morning before I really eat anything. I had 1/2 serving angel hair pasta with crushed tomatoes and 1 turkey meatball for dinner. Lunch was 2 turkey meatballs, and breakfast was a protein shake. I don't think that would throw the scale too much but you never know!!

Well....another cheesy reality show is on and I must partake! Plus Zoey is still running around. I take turns with the child who won't sleep!

OH....and hey to any new followers! Thanks so much for supporting my blog!!!!! If it weren't for you I would just be blogging to myself....and my mom. lol.


  1. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO - down a size and a new low! It's a great day! And way to go working out when you didn't even have to. Um and yes - weird on the August 1st. xoxo

  2. Down a size is absolutely terrific!! Yay for YOU!!! I'm proud of YOU!

  3. That's awesome!!! It's nice to see the scale go down and be able to fit in smaller sizes! Girl, I am all about the cheesy reality shows! Haha

  4. Yay for smaller size! Good job!

  5. What wonderful news. I think you should consider leaving town on August 1st. Just a thought.

  6. Hmm... maybe August 1st is a special day there. I would look it up on their website! :)

    Also, I definitely count running around after kiddos a workout, but great job going to the gym on top of that! :)