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Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 5

Today's weight: 194.6   -3.8lbs

Sweet! This is my biggest weekly lose aside from my surgery week! It seems that when I weigh myself in the morning I am in the 194 area, but by bedtime I am usually up in the 195's.  The weight seemed to come off quickly in the first few days after my fill last Friday. The last 4 days I have stayed the same, but my dieting and exercising haven't been so stellar, so I have been happy to stay put where I am.

I am not feeling any restriction after the 1st fill. I am ok ( I think) with that because this next 4 weeks I will really need to rely on myself for making good food choices. This will be a big test of me. In a month I go back to school and will have students cooking all sorts of things, and I won't be able to work out whenever I want. I would really like to see the scale in the mid 180's before my next fill on Sept 14th. I am just gonna have to really map out everything I eat and find ways to get moving. 

This week I had major problems with grazing. It is something I have always done. When I don't know exactly what I am having for a meal, I sort of end up skipping the meal and eating bites here and there when the kids allow me to. Mapping out snacks for the day will really help me eliminate this.

My dinner last night on kids plate
Last night I ordered Salmon and steamed veggies from Outback and a kid's grilled chicken. My hubby gets 50%off, so it's pretty cheap and will be my meals for the next day. I used one of Zoey's kids plates to use smaller portions. That seems to help a lot. I did have about 1/3 c. mashed potatoes. Anyway, this meal made me really full! (maybe the band is working a bit)

I attempted to go to my first Zumba class this week, but the dang thing was cancelled. I found drop in classes on for only $5. I could have cried that it was cancelled, seriously. I was so excited to go. I had to go and do the elliptical at the gym instead. BORING! The guy who had to cancel the class was interested in my dance background and after a few emails wants to offer me a few classes to teach...prob hip hop. I would love that if it meant I had free use of a dance studio whenever I wanted! We will see what happens   with that. I am already supposed to start teaching at the nice gym uptown. Looks like God is making paths for me to get active!

I ended up working out with the help of my hubby on the Total Gym doing some weights at my house while I watched Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition ( love that show!) I then worked out Tues walking around my neighborhood and today I am heading to the gym and tomorrow I am getting my butt to another Zumba, and maybe recruiting a friend! Plus add in a few rounds of sex, and I think my working out has been decent this week. If I can just do better with eating, I might be able to shed a few more pounds for next week!

Oh...and I really want a piece of chocolate cake. How do I go about this? I know I should not deprive myself of things, but also shouldn't be eating desserts. How would you guys go about this? Do you have a small piece? Do you just forget it and eat a vegetable? When it comes to my TOM will I devour an entire cake if I don't satisfy it soon? HELP!

Ok....time to help Jake with the kids! Love you all! Have a great weekend!


  1. I say eat the cake. It's not a race to get to goal, and a piece of cake won't make you gain all of your weight back (might not make you gain anything!). I never deprive myself, and my body thanks me because I don't have to go on benders. lol

    Sounds like your working out is right where it needs to be, and your scale is rewarding you. Great loss this week, sweetie. :)

  2. Oh, and I have those same plates. And I eat off of them, too! lol

  3. Eat the cake! I eat sweets a few times a week and have done so the entire time I was losing 115+ lbs. I usually only have them on weekends or special occasions, but I'd say three times a week I have some sort of dessert. I always count out a serving and stop when it is gone. I also try to avoid distractions while I eat it. I will turn off (or mute) the TV and savor the taste of each bite. If it starts to seem too sweet, I am aware of that too.

    Some people sort of graze all the time and don't really eat proper meals. It sounds like that is working for you right now, so as long as you're happy with it I don't see a problem!

  4. I love it when others ask a question that I want to know the answer to (i.e. choc cake). Great loss !

  5. Have your cake and eat it too!!! I totally agree with Ronnie!
    As I type I know there is a yellow cake in the oven next door for my birthday with a tub of chocolate frosting waiting to be slathered on top!!! Buh-leev me, after this week, I shall be having some cake!!!

  6. Congrats on the loss! I know you must be thrilled! That stinks about the Zumba class, but the possibility of having access to a studio and possibly teaching is awesome!