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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Trip

I think I've finally recovered from my trip. I refrain from calling it a vacation because going anywhere with babies is just plain work. I mean... the packing alone takes 2 days. Strollers, pack n plays, baby food, bottles, toddler forks, spoons, bowls, sippy cups, binkies, blankets, clothes, PJs, warm clothes just in case, diapers, formula, wipes, medicine just in case, thermometer, shoes, hats, sunscreen, entertainment for car, snacks for car, emergency bottle of milk for zoey in case she loses it, books.... must I go on. Don't even get me started on the night we went camping!!! lol. And please please don't remind me that we are flying across the country to see Jake's fam in Sept! I could cry just thinking of the plane ride. If I don't get some serious drugs for my kids to pass them out, I am pretty sure we will be banned from flying back home! (I know....only terrible mothers do that! If the shoe fit....) Did I mention how my pediatrician apologized to me for having 2 very highly active children? The dr who see's kids day in and out and has twins feels sorry for me. Did I also mention how Logan will most likely be starting to walk when we go and how Zoey is a really good screamer when she doesn't get her way?! I'm already sweating people!

Anyway.... The trip to NY was pretty good. The kids were up 4 times each the first night there. Each! Thankfully they slept pretty well the rest of the trip.

Logan and my Niece

We went for a family walk one night which was really nice to get some exercise as a family! The town I grew up just created miles and miles of walking/biking paths. What a great way to promote exercise for a whole community! I wish I had something like that here!

My mom hired a babysitter to watch both of my kids and my 4 year old niece so we could all go out to a nice dinner. Bless her heart! That babysitter got both my kids to bed and my niece without any problems!

This is the dinner I shared with my mom. I just had the salmon and it was really good!!

On Saturday I got to meet up with a friend of mine I haven't seen in a long time. In Dec 2009 I saw her when me and my high school girlfriends all got together. We are all close. They were all my bridesmaids. Her husband of a year had been diagnosed with cancer. She was also only a few months pregnant with their first baby. The next time I saw her was a few months later at his funeral. He never made it to meet his baby girl.It was devastating for everyone. She withdrew from everyone. I tried to reach out to her several times and it ended with a pretty brutal email from her asking me to stay out of her life. I kept my distance, but have texted often and tried to keep some communication there. I was really excited when I asked if she wanted to hang out with me and Zoey and her and her 1 year old daughter and she said yes. We had a really good talk about everything. She is in such a better place and she just loved Zoey and seeing our girls play. I am happy to have my friend back and to see her healing from her loss.

Saturday we went to the community lake I grew up going to. Zoey and Logan loved the water!

Saturday evening Jake and I headed up to Tanglewood for a romantic evening! It was pretty perfect weather and company. The thing with tanglewood is you get lawn tickets for $18 each and bring your blankets and picnic stuff and just sprawl out on their gorgeous lawn and wait for the concert to start. That night there was a chorus along with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Jake and I just cuddled under our blanket and dozed in and out of sleep. It is just so beautiful and relaxing. We then drove back and stayed at my sister's apartment  ( she wasn't there) and we got to sleep children free for the night! It was a great night and although I wish we could take a 5 day vacation, 1 great night will have to do for now!
Tanglewood Lawn

Sunday we went to church with my parents, and then had a nice dinner and watched home movies for hours. My sister's boyfriend had yet to be initiated into the family with the classic home movies of us! Poor Jake has seen the same ones way too many times.

We  headed out Mon morning and made record time back home which was GREAT! That's where I got sick and we had to make 60 cupcakes and a cake that night for an event on Tues. We are still unpacked. The kids are both teething now. I have a big meeting with my bride tomorrow at her venues and still have 300 cupcakes to make for this weekend. I'm exhausted!! I thought summers for a teacher were supposed to be smooth sailing!

The scale is finally moving again and I'm back on my diet! I have been keeping up on everyone's blogs. You all are really inspirations to me! I love that you guys are so real and honest and supportive. Love it love it love it!

Well. Night everyone!!

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  1. Glad you had a great trip and that the scale is going down!