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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Want A Divorce!

After church I am sitting on the computer, eating my 1/4 c. liquid mashed potatoes (I graduated myself to "purees" a day early) and Jake comes into the room and states "I lost 7 lbs".

'Cool honey. Since when?' (thinking it was from like last year)

"Like 4 days ago"

"Uh...excuse me?!"

'Yeah. I weighed myself like last week and I was 187 and then a few days ago I was 183 and now I am 179.' (He says all this like it is no big deal)

In my head I am thinking..... ARE YOU SERIOUS!? I had surgery and have been on liquids for 10 days and have basically lost the same amount! I know I haven't been cooking and we haven't been eating out, but he is a skinny boy anyway. 7 lbs in 4 days?? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!

I could kill him. But then I wouldn't have him around, and I kinda like him. So I will just go take a nap and vent you all.

Find Your Own Scale! lol


  1. Doesn't it just suck that men lose weight so much easier than we do? Grrr. Men...gotta love em! :)

  2. Not to mention men can carry around a bit of extra weight and they are just 'big boys'; life isn't fair but we need them anyway. Hi. I just found your site through Ronnie.

  3. My hubby is the same way!!! Drives me crazy!!!

  4. That is soooo wrong - on so MANY levels!!

    Men... Can't kill 'em - who would take care of the lawn and vehicle maintenance???