My Journey

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eating and Exercise: Week 1

I wanted to share how I have been doing with my food and physical activity. Why? Well, for me to be more accountable to myself and to share with people who are also going through this or might be about to embark in this part of the journey.

This week I was on Full Liquid. I was allowed to have everything from the clear liquids and then add in soups, milk, protein shakes, yogurt. That is basically what I stuck to the whole week. At night I pre-measure out 2 cups of protein powder with milk and mix it with my kitchen aid hand mixer and put it in a pitcher and in the fridge for the next day. I also have huge water bottles and try to work through them during the day.

Most days looked like:

1 cup protein shake in morning

Yogurt and possibly an ice pop (which Zoey and Logan beg for till I give it up) and a few more gulps of protein shake

Finish off the last few gulps of the protein shake
Have a little bit of watered down soup (cream of chicken, brocc/cheese/ chicken noodle) For chicken noddle I do mostly the broth but did have some of the pasta but chewed it up till it was basically nothing

Yesterday I tried mashed potatoes thinned down with milk since Tues I start "Puree" stage...Not soft food, but Puree, just for a week, then on to soft foods. The mashed potatoes went down find yesterday (about 1/4 cup), but today I tried them again (1/2) and I swear they were stuck in my stomach for hours. I just felt super heavy all day because of it.

I did 1/4 c. sugar free/ fat free pudding with 2 T of sugar free cool whip and that was fine too.

Tonight I had about 1/4 c. clam chowder from Outback which I pureed and so far so good!

I am pretty content of this diet. I do get hungry, but I am not dying. I am excited to add some tuna and possibly try eggs again.

Total calories have been about 600, fat about 15g and protein if I get in both cups of protein shake is at least 70g.

The protein shakes are making me start to gag though. I have to plug my nose when I drink them. The taste is not terrible, but the thickness gets to me. I just have to look at it like I am taking medicine.

Exercise wise I haven been decently active. I have been walking everyday. Today I pushed myself a little father and longer, so I will just keep going from there.

Its been my TOM for quite some days now so the scale is all over. Hoping to see some good numbers next week!  We also head up to my hometown on Thurs to get Zoey and do some fun summer things. I am hoping I can find ways to stick to the plan. I guess the key will be to plan ahead!

Just want to Shout Out to everyone doing BOOBS! I am not gonna do it, but will be a cheerleader for you all. It sounds great and Chicago will be a blast. Maybe next year for me.

Happy 4th of July Friends!!


  1. Good luck with the eggs....they still KILL me!!! Like, OMG I'm gonna croak. You would think they would just slip right's completely unattractive!!! Especially in front of a classroom of seniors!!!

  2. Yeah - I had gastric bypass 4 summers ago and I remember craving eggs after my 2 weeks for protein shakes. I got so sick as well. Eggs and I aren't friends. But now 4 summers later. 1/2 egg salad sandwich. Yummy!!

  3. Luckily it's summertime and I won't have to encounter too many disappearing acts from my students as I dash to the bathroom across the hallway!! I can't even imagine.

    Mom....egg salad sounds so good right now!!

  4. Glad it hasn't been too bad! It will just keep getting better. Glad you've been able to get lots of walking in too!

  5. Good luck on your journey! You are doing great! It took me 2 weeks to before I could really get walking for exercise but by three weeks I was on the Bike and in the woods~!

  6. Hope you had a great 4th with the family! Sounds like you're doing great so far with food and exercise. :)