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Monday, July 25, 2011

Instructions For Secret Bandit Sign Up

In case you missed my post about secret bandits, catch yourself up HERE.It's basically Secret Santa for the banded. For those of you ladies who already said you were "in", here are the instructions to get all the info we will need so we can pick names and get you your SECRET BANDIT info! If you still wanna join, then follow the instructions below!

My hubby said he would help me organize the info and pick the names out of a hat so I won't really know anything...that way I can participate!

First...let's clarify what Secret Bandits will be.....

~ You will be given the name, blog address and mailing address of your "Secret Bandit" to send monthly motivators, but you won't know who is sending them to you.

~ You will be sending gifts that are unique to the banded lifestyle. Send things that will motivate or encourage during the place they are in the process. Don't send a purse, cause that has nothing to do be gastric banding, but a cute insolated lunch bag does!

~ Examples of gifts..... Copy of your favorite healthy recipes, favorite healthy cookbook, workout gear, water bottle, something to accessorize their new bodies, your fav protein bar, something that would make them feel beautiful, inspiring words, gift cards.... There are so many things. Just have fun with it. Don't take my rules too seriously!

~We will be sending motivators Aug- Dec. Motivators should be shipped BEFORE BEGINNING OF 4th WEEK of each month  (that's a mouthful!)

~ You should only buy/make gifts within your budget. Don't break the bank. If you send something that cost you $15 one month, maybe send something that cost you $3 the next, and maybe something that cost you nothing (except shipping) the next.... It is not a money competition. Remember.... "it's the thought that counts"- unless your sending a empty wrapper of their favorite need to re-think.

~ Don't send candy, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn etc..... that would just be silly. (unless they are sugar-free, healthy version etc...)

~Feel free to post your special deliveries for blogland to see and show gratitude for your gifts!

~ Make a special post saying that you received your gift cause otherwise we will get nervous it didn't get there!

~ If you are having trouble with ideas or not getting your motivators let me know and I will look into it for you. Or Jake will.

OK>>>>>>> So what I need from you know is to send this info to this email address : JACOBETH83 at hotmail

Your Name:
Your Blogname:
Your Blog Address:
You Mailing Address:

That's it...or is it? If I am missing something or you have a question let me know. I will try to have Jake email everyone their names by early next week, so you have until SATURDAY NIGHT, JULY 30th to get me your info if you want to participate. This is open to everyone trying to loose weight or maintain weight!

I'm EXCITED!!!!!!


  1. me too! how many have signed up so far??

  2. Yay- this sounds like great fun

  3. I want to play!! Sending my email!

  4. I did send the email, did it get lost in cyberspace?? Send me an email... and then I can respond to you?? Does that work?

  5. I want to do it, but as I am from Australia I don't want to put ppl out with the postage costs. :-( I would love to do it though. What are your thoughts?