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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"If You Can Get It From My Kung-Fu Grip...

... then you can come and have it, okay?" (Meet The Parents)

I am a bit obsessed with the scale! Every few hrs I am on it and I have been driving myself nuts! I begged Jake to take it away from me and bring it with him to work. lol. . My weight was stalled for 4 days which was super frustrating! I have been eating 600 calories max, getting all my protein, vitamins, and exercise. I haven't cheated once. So to see nothing for 4 days and only being 2 weeks into the whole process was just annoying. I just kept getting on the scale thinking the numbers HAD to drop and I think yesterday I weighed myself about 20 times.  Thank goodness I am heading out of town tomorrow. I need some healthy distance between it, and next week I plan on having a much healthier relationship with my scale! I do feel skinnier and that counts for a lot for me!!

I have officially graduated  to mushies! I have had a few different things in the past few days such as tuna with lowfat mayo, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese (don't worry! I made sure I was home and fully stocked with toliet paper!), and oatmeal. I am still sticking to protein shakes for breakfast and in between meals. I haven't really had any issues with hunger which is great. I mean....I do get hungry but once I have a little something I feel good.

Tomorrow we head for NY for a weekend with my fam and to get my Zoey who has been having a blast with my parents and my 4 year old niece. I miss her little face so much. She is such a spit fire! I will have to post a video of her one of these days. My parents are gonna watch both Zoey and Logan so Jake and I could get in a 1 day vacation! Whoopie... 1 day for the whole year! I know. It's pathetic, but we can't afford anything fancy anyway. We are also just so busy. Next week we have 3 cupcake orders totally over 300 cupcakes.

How in the world can you make cupcakes and diet you ask? I really have no clue, but am sure gonna try my best! Jake  will be making most of the frosting for me. I don't really crave cupcakes anymore, so I don't really think all my cupcakes will throw me too bad. I sometimes have to taste the batter and frosting to check flavors, but have gotten pretty good at just knowing. I might just have to come up with a low cal/ low sugar if that is even possible. If you knew what went into making a good frosting, I bet you wouldn't really wanna eat cupcakes/cake anymore!

Here are some pics of my cupcakes. I do a lot of weddings and bigger events. I have been cake decorating since 7th grade and cupcakes have always been my thing. Jake enjoys making them as well and we work well together. It's a fun little side business.



  1. I'm sure you'll be happy to have your baby back! The scale will move. When I don't have a loss like I want I try to focus on the NSVs like my clothes getting looser. I love your cute!!! I'm sure it will be hard to make the cupcakes and not eat them, but you can do it. Just don't give yourself a choice. I threw a bridal shower for my friend last weekend and made all kinds of food that I couldn't eat and it was hard, but I had already decided beforehand that I wasn't going to have any.

  2. Thanks for all the support andrea!

  3. Those are some yummy looking cupcakes!!! You have some serious will power!! I mean, cake batter is pretty mushy, right?? LOL =)

  4. As I said about the cupcakes on my blog, "Oh, my Blessed Heavens...."!!

    I hope you post a video of the little ones soon, I'd love to see it!!

  5. I just am seeing the cupcakes in a picture and I want one. I can't imagine being able to smell them too. Yum.
    The scale will move. I was losing like crazy on liquids and then the scale just stopped. I had to work myself up to 1000-1200 calories to get it to move again. I have been told your body goes into starvation mode and wants to hold on to everything. I just tried very hard to notice how much better I felt everyday and hold onto that thought.(I still am holding on to that thought- this does not happen overnight) You are still in early mushies so it will be hard to get in the calories for a little bit yet. Hang in there- I promise the scale will budge.

  6. If you are only eating 600 calories hon, your body may be sinking into starvation mode. It's where your metabolism actually slows down and your body begins to store fat. You may want to try increasing your calories to at least 1000. Get more protein in, have snacks that have a bit more fat in them - the monounsaturated kind like Peanut Butter or something. Maybe add that to your protein shake if peanut butter is a good addition. Try to increase your calories for a week or so and see if that pushes the scale. Also - you really need to break from the scale and just be patient. I know it's tough, I just went through this with my friend too. The more you weigh, the more you want to, it's a viscious cycle.

  7. "You are EVIL and you must be destroyed!" (Since we're going with quotes, I thought I'd bust out some Steel Magnolias. Oh, and the cupcake pictures were total food porn, and you're gonna break my downward spiral if you post anymore of those!)

    Oh, and I was gonna say, when you switch from liquids to mushies you can see a little stall on the scale. Then you'll start to see movement again! The same thing might also happen when you start solids, so just try not to stress over it, it will happen. :)

  8. Hey - we have scales in NY too!! Can't wait to see you.

    Don't worry so much about the scale...just go with how your clothes feel. My favorite thing a friend said to me was "When I find a skirt on the steps, I'll know it's yours!"

    For months and months, it seemed that all I ate was protein shakes, oatmeal, tuna and Wendy's Chili. I would carry tuna with me in my purse in case I was stranded for something to eat. Sometimes I would even have tuna for breakfast!! You get through and it's all so worth it. Soon you will lose your cravings for sweets so much too.

    Keep up all your good work! You are going to be amazed by the results.

    You are on the other side of the fence now.

  9. I just found your blog. It looks like you're off to a GREAT start! Don't worry about the scale too much. There are many things that can affect your weight other than what you eat. Hormones, sodium, TOM, etc. can give you artificial weights.

    I was band in February 2010 and have lost 114 lbs. I'm now at goal. Come by http:/

  10. i love you all! Thanks everyone. You guys made me feel much better. I am gonna try to just eat healthy when I am hungry and not count every calorie!