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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Mommy

Ah..... the house is quiet. The babies are sleeping. Jake and I are just chillin on the bed. We had a rough Saturday and rough morning this morning with Zoey climbing out of her crib time and time again. She was just exhausted, but wouldn't just give in and sleep. It was hard for the whole family. She also was up at 6am in our rooms.

My friend on Facebook suggested a crib tent and after reading so many amazing reviews from families struggling with young toddlers climbing out of the crib and finding the crib tent a true life saver, I had to have one. I would like to hold Zoey off on the toddler bed until next Summer when she is 2 1/2 and can understand better and I have the summer to really work with her. Logan will be older than too and need less attention with bedtime (hopefully). I did get a $25 toddler bed on craigslist and am going to set it up in her room and try it out with naps and stuff and get her familiar with it so the transition will be smooth

Our Zoey Keeper-Inner

So, after church I stopped at Baby Depot praying it would be there and found it right away. (It wasn't at Walmart, Target, Babies R Us....dumb). I set it up the second I got home and withing 30 min, Zoey was passed out in her crib! She went right to bed too. What a brilliant contraption!

With all the craziness I haven't really been eating much at all which is ok since I was on liquids after my fill anyway. Today  I was on soft foods and almost experienced my first PD with a turkey meatball. I was rushing to get out the door for church and didn't chew enough and ......WALL BLOCK! I knew immediately I had made a mistake. I felt some pain for a few min and a little nausea but it all passed within 15 min.

We had company for dinner. It was my first time eating in front of people and my plate looked sooo empty compared to everyone! I made bbq pulled pork in the slow cooker, and Jake made rice and we steamed veggies. I didn't try the rice since everyone has put fear into me over rice!

I also made cookies with Zoey and prob had way too much of the dough, but I didn't have a cookie because of my dough munching earlier. Jake likes dessert on Sunday. I don't feel bad having a little taste of a dessert once a week. I used to have dessert most every night and candy during the day. So for me to do dessert 1 time a week is a huge NSV.

I also made chocolate covered frozen bananas. Yummmm. I am sure Zoey and Jake will eat them all in the next day or so. It was fun to try them and I had 1/2 one and it was good, but I wasn't in love, so I gave it to Jake to finish.

Looking forward to a good week! I am a happy mommy right now, in love with my hubby, my kids, my little life. God is good to me to bless me with so much. All of you blog ladies included!

I must go....Jake is waiting for me to finish my "blogging orgy" as he just called it. Silly skinny boys!


  1. I wish I had had a crib tent when my kids were small-I remember the long nights of putting kids back to bed-Not too mention the worry of having them fall out of the crib!

  2. Rice is the devil. Be glad you didn't try it! lol

    Sounds like the tent was just what she needed - I didn't realize she was only about 18 months! Oops. Is probably too soon for a toddler bed. :)

  3. So glad you've found a remedy so y'all can get some rest!!!
    ~blogging orgy~ made me LOL.

  4. That thing is awesome! I would totally get that if I had kids!

  5. Hi! *Newest Follower*

    Im not Banded yet, but I will be soon!

    Im a Mama to a 15 months old and your post got me wondering about when my little lady might try to escape her crib lol. Good to know about this "tent" I hadnt heard of it before.

    Im off now to read more of your stuff :)

  6. What a great idea with the cot tent!

    I have been looking at the kindercot ( which I'm hoping will be great for holidays. Monkey is 6 months old so we are not at the stage of having to worry about that just yet!

    It is so hard when you are first banded trying out different foods. I have never had a problem with rice and can still eat some pasta, yet a boiled egg will have me stuck every time!