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Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh In #2 & BYOC

Weighed in today at 201 lbs. I am pretty happy about  that!  I am NY with my fam. Since this is my only vacation all year I let myself indulge a little today. I have been sticking to the advised mushies, but threw in a few french fries from Jake's plate today and had 2 bites of ice cream. We went out with my parents tonight for a fancy dinner and I had 1/2 crab cake and some salmon, mashed potatoes and humus. I tried a bite of everyone's desserts too. I don't feel guilty. I am glad I can eat these foods without being in pain or on the potty. (Side note...has anyone seen Elmo's Potty Time movie? It seems so weird to have a movie that talks about pee and poo the whole time!!)

This is my first here it goes...

If you were asked to symbolize yourself as an animal - which animal would you be?

I was asked this question once at a job interview. What weirdo's. They never called me back either. Anyhoo... I would have to say a cat. I am pretty independent, and can be pretty clever, but like to cuddle. 

2. Did you ever play an organized sport?

Well. I played soccer when I was in elementary school. I apparently wasn't very good because when they gave out awards at the end of the season I didn't get "Best defense" or "Fastest"...I got "Best Dressed on the Field"!!! Haha. Someone had to do it right?!
I played volleyball in middle school and was darn good. During a game my coach would mouth to me "cover her" about the other players on my team. 

3. When did you start shaving your legs?

I have no idea at all.

4. When you're in a crabby-pissy- want to stab everyone you see kind of mood- what do you do to get out of it or do you revel in it?

hmmmm. Well, I threw a cupcake at the wall once. That made me feel better. I usually send myself to my room, take a nap. A nap goes a long long way to to the grumpy mommy.

5. Summarize your week in blogland and real life?

Blogland is always a happy land! I am really loving all my comments from others and loving everyone's blogs.  In real life, this week was good. Weird not to have Zoey around. Having one kid is a BREEZE!!! Enjoying time in NY but will be happy to get home and back into the swing of things. Refuse to think about my summer drifting away and having to go back to work in Aug!
And...can you guys help me spread the word about Secret Bandits. I would like a few more girls to join on. There is a link to the post on the top of my blog. THANKSSS!


  1. Great first BYOC!!! I hope you have tons of fun on your vacay!!!

  2. Terrific first BYOC!! I love the visual of the cupcake on the wall!! Enjoy your time in NY!!

  3. Glad you're enjoying your vacation! And I hope you took full advantage of only having one child around - I feel like sometimes I would kill to just have one kid! lol

  4. Enjoy your vacation and I was sorta thinking Cat for myself...I'm also independent and clever. :)

  5. I cannot believe an employer asked what kind of animal you think you are. I work in HR and I am embarrassed for them ! Enjoy your family !

  6. Cece I should have told them cat because of how flexible I am!