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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Takin a Break (not from being a mommy though)

Today I decide to chill from all my craziness about dieting. I just tried to enjoy the day (if my baby would stop crying in the other room and just it would be so much more enjoyable for the both of us) Oh dang it. Let me go rock him some more.

-------------- (rock rock rock, bounce bounce, squirm, squirm, squirm) back in crib....crying 5 more min

------------- (walk in, he's crying, holding his bear, breaks my heart, out of the crib he goes for another round of play)
What do you mean it's bedtime?

------------ (10 min of play, 4 more oz of formula, bounce bounce bounce.....asleep....for now)

Teething. Sucks.

Where was I?

Ah... taking a break. Yeah, today I just kind of did my own thing. I was mindful of food, but I didn't track my calories and I took a break from working out and a break from the scale. I made a (as in 1) wheat pancake this morning cause I frikken wanted one and ended up sharing half with Zoey and Logan anyway.

Because we were too lazy to get out to the Ultimate Play Zone in time ( a kid's paradise), we decided to go to the mall and walk around. We had lunch. I had bourbon chicken (not breaded or fried) and steamed veggies and shared with the kids. Had no idea how many calories were in it and cheated in my "not giving a crap" and had to look it up on my phone. Only 433 calories and 19g protein and a little high on the sodium though. I ate half so I feel good about it. We did some window shopping after lunch. We are too poor to spend frivolously. One day. I did get Logan the cutest pair of straight legged distressed jeans from H&M. He is gonna look so cute in them when he is 12 month clothes. That paired with a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up or a polo. Can't wait!

We let Zoey out of the stroller to run free. I feel bad when she is bottled up in the house all day. She goes and gets her shoes 4 times a day, and demands you put them on her.  She is just a free little spirit. She smiles, and waves her arms all around as she runs....kinda like that episode of FRIENDS where phoebe and rachel are running in the park. (you must watch video below to get a visual and then encourage you all to run the same!) I am happy to let her run around since that is the reason we are there. People around us prob think we are crazy to let such a little munchkin on the loose. I think people are crazy that keep toddlers in a stroller for hours! So there!

Jake worked tonight so I was on my own for the marathon. (putting the kids to bed). It wasn't too bad. No blood, tears (on my part at least). After a week and a half of the both of them teething, the torture if dying down. Last week I was offering up my kids for sale on facebook, but today I really enjoyed their little personalities. I love hearing Zoey talking so much. It is a true reflection of the way I talk to hear the expressions she says. It definitely makes me realize how important my behavior is around her. She is really watching and absorbing everything I do.

Tomorrow I am gonna stick to really healthy choices. I am making homemade chicken noodle soup tonight in my beloved crockpot and baked turkey meatballs today. That along with my gag-me-now protein shake should make it a simple day tomorrow. It should be smooth sailing. It helps to have everything figured out the day before for me so there is no guess work. Friday is my 1st appt so if I get a fill I will be back to liquids for a bit which will be good too.

It feels nice to not care for a day. I can't deny I needed it. I've been in a funk lately and my house really reflects that! I am gonna go surprise Jake and get cleaning (after I watch Love in the Wild). I am sure he measures my love in the cleanliness of the house. lol. (Love it if you haven't)

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Good luck with the heat!


  1. Wanna hear a secret?? I NEVER track calories. Haven't from day one.
    Yesterday I did kinda keep a mental note..and I think I might have gotten a whole 400 calories in...dang liquids!!! BUT mr.scale liked it!!!
    AND good for you, not jumping on the scale. Me?? I jump on them EVERY time I walk into the bathroom.
    BTW...most adorable baby EVER!!!!

  2. sounds like an awesome day. a lot of reflecting and loving those adorable kids. have joy in the journey. i love you.

  3. Good for YOU for today! And your little ones are so beautifully precious!! Enjoy every blessed second of them!

  4. I might have to read Love Languages. No one appreciates all the cleaning I do!

    Sounds like you had a great day with the kiddos, and that bourbon chicken sounds amazing. I love that stuff. Haven't had it for years, and I only really eat it at that place in the mall. (Weird?)

    Hope your little family gets their teeth cut soon, nothing more frustrating than not being able to help them through the pain. :(

  5. Adorable picture of Logan!
    My team is ordering chinese for lunch today (too hot to go outside for lunch) and I am getting some too. I find if I want something, I eat a small amount. It keeps the crazy from setting in and me eating everything else to try and fill the void.
    Allow yourself to have what you crave in moderation. This is a lifestyle, not a diet.

  6. Sometimes we all just need a break. I think there has to be some balance or you are going to get burned out!

  7. Mr. Logan is quite the cutie!!! I agree - a break is totally needed now and then :)