My Journey

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I'm In"

Today Jake and I went duckpin bowling. It is the same as bowling but the pins and balls are smaller and you get three tries to get all the pins down instead of two. It was fun. We both won  a game and didn't have time for a tie breaker darn it!

While we were taking off our bowling shoes he checked his phone email. I gets all my blog comments sent to an email address that we use for our cupcake business, so he always gets to read through them.

He said, "Another comment on your blog."

I said, "What'd it say?"

"I'm in"

"Do you even read my blog?"

"Why do I have to read your blog when I am living it"

"Do you know what 'I'm in' means then?


"Maybe I am asking all the others for a lesbian orgy"

"Then I'm in too"

lol. He wishes!!


  1. Hehe, that's funny.

    I've never heard of this duckpin bowling, but it sounds like a blast. :)

  2. LOL- I hope you didn't tell him what I was really in for!

  3. Just read your entire blog .... you are doing great and you are such a beauty !!

  4. HAHA! Duckpin sounds fun! What a funny comment!